“Joy is the gem of experience
from which sorrow grows.
It is joy that sorrow protects.”

Megan Hollingsworth

Extinction Witness writer & creative director

As the present mass species extinction dawns in human awareness, actively grieving associated personal and collective losses is part of a healthy, as in complete and wholesome, ongoing response – “remembering and mourning those we have lost, and for celebrating and making commitments to those remaining.” Grieving past, present, and anticipated losses is a healthy, healing, transformative response that reminds joy of being, clarifies what is needed, and inspires truly helpful action.

Extinction Witness is one in a growing coalition of artists, educators, museum curators, scientists and writers forwarding Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th (Lost Species Day or RDLS) — a global movement honoring extinct species while encouraging endangered species to remain and thrive. For overview and brief background on Lost Species Day, please read “Why don’t we grieve for extinct species?” by Jeremy Hance, 11.19.2016, at The Guardian. Attention is with pollinators for Lost Species Day 2017. Here’s the 2017 Lost Species Day call for participants.

Pollinator Procession & Cardinal Regenerative Memorial at Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge. Oakland, California

In cooperation with Giant Puppets Save the World and Pollinator Posse, Extinction Witness hosts a Pollinator Procession for diversity at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California for RDLS 2017. - Also in a joint effort with Pollinator Posse, Lu’s Memorial Pollinator Garden in Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge, Oakland, California is officially recognized as the cardinal Regenerative Memorial with intent to carry Lucille Rocha’s legacy in living memorials worldwide. Read more about Regenerative Memorials here.

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