Extinction Grief & Creativity Forum is on break until the community platform (anticipated 2019) is in place.
Please see introduction to the Forum’s intent and philosophy, including practice, below.

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Extinction Grief & Creativity online forum supports the peaceful, if raw, creative expression of feelings within the context of a compassionate circle.

The forum’s attention is specifically with disenfranchised, chronic, and complicated grief brought by global awareness and associated with the loss of lifeways, individuals, and whole communities during this period of planetary transition.

Discussion focuses include Parenting in the 21st Century, Preparation for Remembrance Day for Lost Species - November 30th, Regenerative Potential of Wildfire and Flood, and Genocide or Ecocide as Suicide, vice versa.

Please note: This is a grief support group.

Extinction Grief & Creativity online forum is a place for sharing personal works produced as part of the grieving process.

The online forum is NOT a place for sharing facts and figures and is NOT an "End Times/End of All Life" support group.

Rather, the online forum aligns with Coming Back to Life (Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown) and encourages embodied grief through creative process for the purpose of living well, "even beautifully" (Barry Lopez), aka compassionately, always and in all ways while we do.

Here, grief is recognized as a complicated, natural, healthy, animal response to loss. And we are choosing to access what the grieving process offers for personal and collective healing.

Extinction Grief & Creativity forum practices with full awareness of how serious and urgent present circumstances are for individuals and collective. With this, the emphasis is on present-day loss and generative potential.

There is encouragement to go ahead and imagine - to feel - the loss of all one identifies with. As well, the whole world - Life itself. While desiring foremost to thrive and help others do the same.

Aside from the emphasis on compassionate witness to collective and personal loss and one another's original works, group sharing is unstructured and guided by participating members. Members are invited and supported to participate in a shared group practice and are also free to share what is their personal focus at any time.

Extinction Grief & Creativity forum is supplement to and NOT a replacement for in-person community grief ritual. Thus, Extinction Witness partners on Generative Memorials and the grief forum serves as a place to share opportunities to participate in aligned in-person mourning ritual. The online forum originally convened autumn 2015 and stems from the Extinction Witness 2014 - 2015 monthly revolving creative witness.

painting: Undeniable by Bryan Holland - BryanHollandArts.com

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