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In 2018, DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING initiated a series of issues exploring What does it mean to heal? Issue #6 released May 2018 and Issue #7 November 2018. Please see introductions and links for both issues below.

DARK MATTER'S founder and editor Lise Weil facilitates deep, grounding connection among contributing authors and visual artists. Doing so, Lise provides fundamental requirements for healing: nurturing, compassionate community.

Editorials for the series on What does it mean to heal? continue a tradition of abridged dialogue among contributing authors who were able to participate in each conversation. Audio recordings are included.

Please enjoy the journal and participate in the dialogue via comments as you are led:

Issue #7, November 2018: What does it mean to heal? Part II
reflections on Village Medicine, injury, and endurance

Issue #6, May 2018: What does it mean to heal?
reflections on cancer, nurture, death, and dying

DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING joined Extinction Witness April 2018 after three and a half years of operation during which five issues and a retrospective were produced solely on volunteer hours with exception of a one-time donation from a collective in Maine. Please see the Journal Archives and consider supporting this vital work by making a gift to help ensure DARK MATTER's continued existence.

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