Are we [children] even on your list of priorities?
— Greta Thunberg at 15 years old


Future In Hands by   Denise Monaghan

Future In Hands by Denise Monaghan

Now, the sea is lifting above its shore,
the harvest is faltering,
and seasons arrive and depart in disorder.

Robinson Meyer, A Grave Climate Warning

In 2014, Glaciologist Eric Rignot suggested that there may yet be a chance to slow down the West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s rapid irreversible decline and “a different level of communication” is required to translate the gravity of what he and his peers see.

The VOW 2 ACT is offered as a practice response to Eric Rignot’s call with emphasis on “walking the talk” as the primary different level of communication needed. Grounded in the philosophy of mutual aid, the VOW 2 ACT is written and affirmed with understanding that the ecological health crisis is driven by human spiritual crisis.

The VOW 2 ACT is a commitment to do what we can do because we can and while we can to end slavery and feed the hunger without doing further harm. Plenty, when it exists, is derived from common plenty. Sharing yields peace of mind—something that’s actually worth every effort.


Power is like an egg: if you hold it too tightly, it will break in your hand; if you do not hold it firmly enough, it will slip out of your hand and, again, break.

Power needs to be exercised with neither too much severity nor too much laxness.

It is a profound image that compares power to something as precious as an egg, which carries the germ of life.

For it is true: those who are in power hold the lives of people in their grasp.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Burkina Faso


TRUE REBELLION—to be a different level of communication,


The VOW 2 ACT signals a commitment to true transformation of the individual toward truly radical solutions to collective ills—to true rebellion. Rebellion as honesty, compassion, and kindness. Rebellion as the capacity to see one’s own potential for ignorance and to refrain from ignorance.


The capacity to see one’s own potential for greed and to refrain from greed.

The capacity to see one’s own potential for hatred and refrain from hatred.

The capacity to practice compassion toward oneself and others when we fail our capacities, because it’s all practice.


Absolutely it’s reversible. There’s no question about it.
..but hope has to pass the sobriety test and walk a pretty straight line to reality. Otherwise, it’s delusion.

Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown Interview

How greenhouse gas drawdown is accomplished will not only determine who and how many survive, but whether that survival is a continuation of present-day inequalities and abuses—degenerative—or a return to compassionate socioeconomic policies and practices—generative. The generative course is possible with a willingness to share in light of short-term sacrifice, an emphasis on energy efficiency and general waste reduction, and investment in the revival of biological and cultural diversity.

Precipice by   Denise Monaghan

Precipice by Denise Monaghan

“The most alarming sign of the state of our society now is that our leaders have the courage to sacrifice the lives of young people in war but have not the courage to tell us that we must be less greedy and less wasteful.”

Wendell Berry, farmer and writer


One can model the honesty, fairness, unconditional love, and compassion that help children thrive in bleak hours as in hours of plenty. One can learn and show others how to process challenging emotions and resolve conflicts of interest peacefully. Rather than pointing fingers at others, one can model compassion, honesty, kindness, humility, understanding, and accountability.


Adults can show ALL CHILDREN that THEY ARE now

and will always be as they ought to have always been



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