To tyrannical death…

to the pain of pleasure

exploited and denied.

One could say that waking up has never been so painful. Yet that would be to deny what tyrany inspired Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama Buddha.

One could argue, But the loss is so much greater now. This is the whole world raped, enslaved, and murdered. Yet that would be to deny that the whole world exists in a single tree as much as the whole world exists within the limits of what one can know of Earth or what one can know of the universe and All.

In knowing the tree, as knowing the blossom, losing one is the pain of losing multitudes and losing multitudes is the pain of losing one. Though what can be lost is only a form of the essence.

To love completely that which can be lost is to grieve the loss of everything when one is lost. Yet that which can be lost is everything and not. Ecstatic experience of and in relationship with the particular object of affection itself is grieved when the object of affection is lost. And losing the object of affection is to lose a unique expression of the infinite, non-dual, as if to lose everything and more.

So, with each egregious death, the righteous grief of a whole world lost unnecessarily. And essential then to grieve the loss in order that the experience of the infinite, non-dual, be reminded in the witness. In order that the witness not become the separateness, fear, and hate that inspires tyrannical behavior. In order that the survivor not resist but deflect and defuse tyrannical behavior. Consider kung fu.

Though this time is no more or less painful than any other, waking up is as painful as ever and less precarious when supported in community. When unsupported, waking up easily turns to crisis and invites loss of the spiritual gift in a struggle to survive.

There is hardly anything more dangerous than waking up to the cost of soullessness in a soulless place.

Beginning with the self, please, first and foremost, tend to the primary needs of every body – healthy food, appropriate shelter, and friendly relations. Catch someone who is falling in love if you can.

Following this note on friendship, please find links for information and services that encourage peaceful climate,
self-care, soul/grief support, a universally compassionate marketplace,
and r-evolution.

Let every labor be a living prayer,
each body a temple of the divine.

If there must be religion,
let it be Friendship.

photo of feet walking

‘Instep’ still image from VIRGIN


If I were barefoot and you were barefoot
and we had traveled long over stone and thorns in search of water
to chance upon a pair of sandals and some salve,
I would rub your feet gently, put the sandals on my feet
and carry you until your feet healed.
Then, if you would do the same for me, eventually,
we could each wear one sandal
link arms and learn to walk, if goofily, as one

Note: Someone recently asked me what the goal of Quaker faith is, offering that the goal of his church is ascension. This brought me pause, because I had not thought of religion or faith in practice as having an end goal. The answer I came up with is Friendship, otherwise translated as right relationship, whatever that means.

Right relationship itself is determined by many factors, so that what is right changes. Sometimes, secrets are to be held. Sometimes, secrets must be told. Sometimes, friends must be allowed to fall down and all around themselves. Sometimes, friends must be stopped from going over the cliff’s edge.

No matter, essential to friendship is a practice of non-grasping, in which devotion/attachment is to loving kindness itself, to the glue that is friendship rather than to identity; form. Friendship loses itself if desire for what a friend has, offers, or is overrides the longing for loving kindness.

While it takes effort and time to mend the cloth, friendship is something that tolerates shortcomings. I do not know to count the times I have fallen short of my aspiration to resist any desire other than to love, be love, and be loved regardless of the bending and surrender this primal devotion may require.

When I have fallen on my face, the first step in my mending the rift is to trust that I am also otherwise. To see myself not only by my shortcomings, but by my triumphs in friendship. Friends may forgive me a thousand times, yet if I do not embrace my falls, I either stay down or float above in fantasy. Then, either I and I alone am selfish and loathsome or I and I alone am a supreme sort of being who is incapable of succumbing to desire and screwing everything up.

Friendship applies in all relations, the most intimate and seemingly distant. These words, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, are as real as the heart capable of embracing the pain of being slighted while understanding that this pain is as universal as the capacity to slight another.

Friends do not seek revenge. As soon as I seek revenge for my pain, I become the intolerant unfriendly culprit and widen the rift. If revenge goes on, the cloth itself may be completely torn apart. The result is a thousand threads with ends unrecognizable to themselves and one another. Eventually another cloth, just as delicate, will be woven and held together by friendship.

This eventuality consumes eons when that cloth is the fabric of life.

wherever you are, the practice is

photo of feet walking

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The present mass extinction of species can be allayed. With Friendship restored, biodiversity and associated cultural diversity can be revived.

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