Honoring Diversity & Lost Species | Lake Merritt Pollinator Procession

Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge, Oakland, California

On Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, a flock of giant pollinator puppets took flight as part of Lake Merritt Pollinator Procession.

A cooperative effort of Extinction Witness, Giant Puppets Save the World, and Pollinator Posse, 2017 Pollinator Procession honored Oakland's biodiverse community and lost species worldround as part of Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017, a global movement with reverence for extinct species and encouragement for endangered species to remain and thrive.

The 2017 Procession around Lake Merritt, North America's first designated wildlife refuge, drew attention to the plight of pollinators globally while informing participants about the history and ecology of Lake Merritt and what has been accomplished in the Gardens at Lake Merritt to provide for pollinators.

In addition to carrying a giant pollinator puppet, 2017 Pollinator Procession was a pedal-powered event that provided participants an opportunity to help amplify speakers and musicians, Cello Joe and Biketopia Music Collective.

As part of annual Lost Species Day November 30th events occurring globally, Lake Merritt Pollinator Procession culminated in Lake Merritt gardens with a ritual burial of moths, bees, and flies, and release of monarch butterflies, honoring death and birth in life's full cycle.

Please visit the Facebook Event Page for photographs and artwork from the 2017 Procession.

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