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Extinction Witness

creative witness to loss and pain toward suffering’s end

Right now the rate of species extinction exceeds that of 5 recognized past mass extinction events.

Numbers to grapple with include those in World Wildlife Fund’s Living Blue Plane Report 2015, which suggests that Earth has lost half its non-human population in the last 40 years. Human population increased by 55% in same time period.

At this rate, ecologists forecast 95% terrestrial species loss (Win-Win Ecology: How Earth’s Species can Survive In the Midst of Human Enterprise – Michael L. Rosenzweig, 2003).

Biodiversity is social diversity.

Absolute misery is not the absence of amenities, but the absence of community for it is by way of thriving community that basic amenities are provided for all.

Emergent is the dawn of something careful.

Emergent is a compassionate market place that encourages local trades in a circular economy and prioritizes common vitality.

Emergent is a slower rate of species extinction, revived biodiversity and associated cultural diversity.

…When that emergent is imagined and enacted.

Death happens. There are no guarantees. There are choices. There is agency.

Grieving past, present, and anticipated losses is a healthy, healing, transformative first response that reminds joy of being, clarifies what is needed, and inspires truly helpful action.

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