“Blooming cheerfully, seemingly unaware of their scarcity,
they are today, more than ever, treasures of the old forest.”

Forests are complex, collaborative communities.
Forests are no more tree factories than women are baby factories.
Treating forests as tree factories is a cruelty to community members,
including humans, who enjoy reciprocal relations to thrive.

please see Treasures

Near 5% of Earth’s old growth forests remain intact
and the clearing continues today.

“According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, the Amazon and the Congo are the only remaining continuous forests on Earth. Researchers at North Carolina State University used satellite imagery and forest fragmentation data to determine that approximately 20% of all forested lands on the planet are within 100 yards from the forest edge, and approximately 70% of such lands are within 0.5 miles from the forest edge.”
Global Forest Watch, News Roundup: Week of 4.10.2015

Here’s -> a sequence of maps <- tracking forest loss
for what is now the United States.

Collaboration and cooperation ensure prosperity

for remaining intact forest communities and revive forest communities NOW.

Loss of virgin forest is directly correlated with accelerating species extinction and global warming. Human beings very simply must stop clearing and begin reviving forest communities if the desire is to survive and thrive. And that is what’s happening!

Afforestation is a critical piece of the equation for reversing global warming. Yet tree plantations “created with purely economic motives and little regard for the long-term well-being of the land, environment, or surrounding communities” perpetuate social inequality and, thus, do nothing but exacerbate the root injustice driving mass species extinction and global warming. Read more at Project Drawdown.

Old growth forest loss represents more than a loss of carbon sequestering trees and soils. The loss is more clearly understood as the loss of whole communities and individuals existing collaboratively as part of a whole. The loss of relationships. The loss of children and elders of all walks, some with roots and branches, some with antlers and hooves, some with wings and claws. The loss of their biodiversity and, thus, the loss of social diversity.

And the loss of real social security, which is basic to anyone’s survival.

For, if the money runs out, I will be ok so long as there is still water for drinking, roots for digging, and leaves for harvesting. And all the latter intact biodiverse community provides in a co-creative process some call nature or life. Up to now discarded in the rush for gold and more.

Humans have been and some remain active, beneficent participants in forest communities. The wholesale clearing of these forests as part of an industrial war and associated mass-production economy is the extreme opposite of what could still be this beneficent presence and what continues a beneficent presence among those who are devoted to protecting their communities. Everyone’s survival depends on peaceful resolution of human conflict given that the industrial war economy is not only merciless but plainly unaffordable.

Real social security is found in protecting old growth forest and reviving forest communities, not the creation of museum-like parcels preserved for a mere few humans to visit from time to time. Real social security requires human beings engaged as full participants in balanced reciprocal relationships with all members of forest communities.

As respectful and respected community members, humans are neither bystanders, directors, nor landlords.

While old-growth will not be revived within a 21st century child’s lifetime, the 21st century child can and rather must participate in seeding this revival. Humans are far from alone here, though pretending isolation has proven to create an isolated existence – inhumane cities absent of plants and farms absent of soils and pollinators. All this is far from healthy for humans. What is truly spiritually, physically, emotionally, vocationally, and socially healthy for human beings is healthy for the entire biodiverse community.

Extinction Witness extends gratitude to the following short list of groups and individuals, more or less familiar to us, who work tirelessly to promote, protect and regenerate forest communities. Please read and sign this Vow 2 Act signaling intent and committing in practice to peaceful existence while we exist.


"No matter the diversity of beliefs, we all know we live in a world full of problems. Yet, one of the biggest problems is that not enough of us realize that we also live in a world full of solutions—and then live our lives as these solutions in action."

- Julia Butterfly Hill

Forest Education / Protection / Revival:

Afforestt – bringing forests back NOW.

Alianza Arkana — Peruvian Amazon
regenerating the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its indigenous people and their traditions

Call of the Forest — the forgotten wisdom of trees
a documentary that follows scientist and acclaimed author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she investigates the profound biological and spiritual connection to forests in a global journey exploring the science, folklore, and restoration challenges of this essential eco-system, aka community.

Community Carbon Trees — Costa Rica
connecting local farmers with people all over the world

Heartwood — Eastern United States
people helping people protect the places they love

i Give Trees — Brazilian Amazon
community-grounded rainforest renewal

John Muir Project — United States
dedicated to protecting National Forests

Pachamama Alliance — global
protecting the source, inspiring the future

Survival International — global
global movement for tribal peoples' rights

TreeSisters — global
women seeding change

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