ex·tinc·tion /ikˈstiNG(k)SHən/
    PHYSICS reduction in the intensity of light.

wit·ness /ˈwitnis/
    to see.

bare /be(ə)r/    com·pas·sion /kəmˈpaSHən/
    expose something. ‘with’· ‘desire’; ‘with’ · ‘love’.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness

a collaborative art project
the essence of which is compassion

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness contributing artists are informed
by awareness of the present mass extinction
of species and cultures. However,
the motion of the project is being present
with members of disenfranchised groups
who are exploited today.

The belief is that when care is extended
to each and every individual,
this mass extinction event can be allayed.

Extinction itself is part of life.
In the meantime, living well, “even beautifully,”
in the words of Barry Lopez, is possible.

Mass destruction is purely creative.
The power of annihilation to transform
and propel the world to peace
is the intensity of the pain
we feel living through it.

From a place of witness and resource,
there is privilege and responsibility
to act from the center,
trusting in the infinite possibility
for regeneration,
embracing the unknown
that will generate from such loss,
holding one another as we act
with faith in humanity
in solidarity with all beings.

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