ex·tinc·tion /ikˈstiNG(k)SHən/
    PHYSICS reduction in the intensity of light.

wit·ness /ˈwitnis/
    to see.

bare /be(ə)r/    com·pas·sion /kəmˈpaSHən/
    expose something. ‘with’· ‘desire’; ‘with’ · ‘love’.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness

a collaborative art project
offering creative witness, revolving monthly,
with groups being and becoming extinct.
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If what you have is a riddle of a mess,
resolve the riddle creatively. Understand
yet dwell not on how the mess was made.

Radical action is required on the part of every person in order to allay the present mass extinction of species and cultures. It is not enough to support the efforts of conservation groups with funding. Individuals must make their own regeneration efforts, being mindful of every action and everyone influenced by that action. To remain mindful is to keep in mind what others are experiencing as a consequence of what one supports in word and deed. It is painful to function in society as it exists today because so many are exploited to maintain existing structures and systems. Staying in touch with that pain is the ticket to actually accomplishing the changes required to make living a lot less painful. There will always be pain. The current level of pain is obscene.

What ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is:

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is a creative online grief ritual inspired by the present mass extinction event. ex·tinc·tion wit·ness produces short poetic films and monthly witness posts that explore relationships with those experiencing the edge of extinction. The monthly witness is offered with the understanding that if human beings stay the present course of fossil fuel and mineral extraction, industrial agricultural, and genocide, 95% of all terrestrial life will perish in this event. That planet is pretty much a dead planet so far as the eye can see. There is no sex on a dead planet.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is an expression of the first and foremost emotion in response to death, that is, sorrow. This is because an estimated 200 species pass each day, and more so because many individuals in these communities and those who exist at the edge suffer intolerably violent deaths.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is a request for the end of suffering.
Pain is unavoidable as losses in life naturally occur. Suffering stems from attachment to form and occurs when an attempt is made to avoid loss, or numb and otherwise ignore and dilute the pain of loss. Suffering is a choice influenced by socially accepted norms. Suffering is the socially accepted norm of the materially-driven culture in that the materially-driven culture creates extraordinary loss for many and benefit for very few while chastising the expression of sorrow among men and women. Sorrow is the natural expression of pain. Sorrow is the resolution of suffering in response to present-day loss because when human beings remain in touch with the felt experience of sorrow relative to the global loss experienced now, it becomes clearly too emotionally costly for the individual to participate in and help perpetuate the atrocious harms of the materially-driven culture. Read thoughts on the distinction between sorrow and lamentation.

What ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is not:

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is not a source for detailed information on the present mass extinction event, names and numbers, statuses etc. This information is provided elsewhere on websites, and in films, and books.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is not a place for learning about physical actions that are taking place to allay the present mass extinction event. This information is provided elsewhere on websites of those individuals, businesses, and community groups engaged in physical acts of ecological and cultural regeneration.

ex·tinc·tion wit·ness is not an expression of a despairing belief that nothing can be done to allay the present mass extinction.

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Species extinction itself is an ongoing part of life.
The difference now is that the rate of species
extinction exceeds that experienced
during past mass extinction events.
The world requests a massive human response
that is at once humble and brilliant.
The present mass species extinction event
won’t wait to be addressed by today’s child.
Adults must attend immediately.
Adults determine the present and future
experience of today’s child.

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