ex·tinc·tion wit·ness

biodiversity is social diversity

ex·tinc·tion /ikˈstiNG(k)SHən/
    PHYSICS reduction in the intensity of light.

wit·ness /ˈwitnis/
    to see.

bare /be(ə)r/  com·pas·sion /kəmˈpaSHən/
    expose something. ‘with’· ‘desire’; ‘with’ · ‘love’.


This mass extinction event can be allayed.
Many who are now on the edge of existence can be revived.

Birth is a death sentence. Imagine everyone’s enjoyment in living.

Species extinction, as with all death, is elemental to life.

Right now the rate of species extinction exceeds that of past mass extinction events. Relative to one human lifetime, Earth entered the present — or 6th — mass extinction a while ago.

Let this mass extinction event be catalyst for mass transformation of whole human institutions and operating systems equivalent to the transformation of Earth’s ecosystems since the industrial and technological revolutions began. Let the pending loss of every home and family member break open the human heart and restore humanity.

With friendship in practice
 lending to radical change in the market place,
 this mass extinction event can be allayed.

To protect the most vulnerable and vital remaining intact communities and regenerate thriving local economies, individuals must change their own patterns of relationship; consumption.

Absolute misery is not the absence of amenities, but the absence of community for it is by way of thriving community that basic amenities are provided. Intimacy with suffering is an honest compass for personal and communal transformation required to make living a lot less painful for everyone.

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